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“Stimulate your Senses®

5® gum is a groundbreaking sugar-free gum that delivers a unique chewing experience. The signature sleek 5®chewing gum envelope created the next great gum packaging enhancement for stick gum and is slim enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Each distinctive envelope has an eye-catching design and holds 15 sticks.

New 5® Ascent™ gum is an escalating Wintermint® that intensifies as you chew. This chilling new flavor is now available in a 15-piece pack for a price of $1.49 MSRP or a 3-pack for a total of 45 pieces at a price of $3.69 MSRP.

Beyond the Stick
5® gum flavors Cobalt and Rain are now available in ultra-portable 6-tab micro packs, designed to fit nicely into the active lifestyles (and pockets) of gum chewers, as well as Car Cup™ and On-the-Go Bottles designed for easier chewing while on the move.

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